What Is The Best Car You Have Ever Driven

How would you answer this question : What is the best car you have ever driven ?


When asked about the best car they have ever driven most people think of the luxury cars they have taken a spin in.

Luxury cars are an assortment of automobiles that offer drivers features which are in some way more advanced and superior to those possessed by typical cars.

But what really defines the best car? Is it the sporty design or speed of the car? Is it the economic value attached to it? Is it the history of its brand manufacturer?

Based on reputable 2013 car reviews, here are some reasons why I believe that determining the best 2013 luxury car is a matter of fact and is not dependent merely on good marketing.


External Factors to Consider

When setting out to buy a luxury car, several factors are of paramount importance. Decide what is most important to you: insurance coverage, resale value, comfort, performance and suchlike factors.

First, consider whether you have a comprehensive insurance policy for luxury cars. Will your insurance policy cover you against any risks that may arise while test-driving it?
Secondly, passion for such a luxury car may have influenced you to choose that specific model of the luxury car; since luxury is more about pleasing the senses. Being passionate about a specific car model or brand may be influenced by reputation of its brand, its exclusivity, and premium materials used in manufacturing of the car.


Its features
Many car manufacturers try to make it possible for all people whose dream car is a luxury car to own one.

Companies which have been associated with producing economy cars are now making luxury cars; although their definition of luxury is primarily a matter of branding.

Features are the main attraction associated with luxury cars as compared to other standard cars. Quality seats are a vital feature for any 2013 luxury car. They ought to be designed to make the occupants of the vehicle comfortable and they include leather seats, executive rear seats, massaging seats, and heated/ventilated seats.

Another exclusive feature concerns navigation. The bodies of luxury cars have been designed to give that smooth ride irrespective of the road condition. For instance, luxury cars have suspension systems to ease the severity of a bump found on road surfaces and to provide a stable ride around corners.

Many luxury cars offer smart-key systems that let you open the door and start the engine while the car’s keys are still in your pocket. Additionally, some luxury car brands allow you to start the car by using the key fob which gives the car some time to warm up.

While definition of “luxury cars” varies among car manufacturers and car enthusiasts, some models in deed deserve this tag. I think determining the best car boils down to its prestige, performance, value, comfort and safety notwithstanding its brand. What about you? Tell us about features in that new car released recently and why you think it’s the best car you have ever driven.


By Chris Mustaine.
You can follow Chris on Twitter: @MeChrisMustaine





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