What Is Modified Car Insurance.

If you have special requirements for car insurance you may need a modified car insurance policy.

Perhaps you have a classic car or collector model that you have restored to mint condition.

Maybe you have recently purchased a newer vehicle or had some after market improvements done to that vehicle.

Would these vehicles constitute modified car insurance.

No matter what the case may be, a modified car insurance policy is what is needed to ensure that you are completely covered for whatever situation may arise.

If you do not advise your insurer about all the value of your car or the after market improvements, they will not have any idea about any of that.  In fact, you may find it rather difficult to prove that any of these things have been done to your vehicle if you do not have solid proof.

When you decide that a modified car insurance policy is what you need, then it is probably a good idea to provide your insurance company with the receipts that you have on hand and any photos or valuation reports that have been taken or done.

Another really great idea with the documentation is to keep it in a separate and safe place.  If you can, place these items in a safety deposit box, or scan them in and store them at an online storage site.

Digital copies never deteriorate, so this is the best idea when keep information regards modified car insurance.

Unfortunately, many people don’t stop to consider their insurance needs or that they may require a modified car insurance policy.  If you are going to get the value out of your car that you put into it, be prepared to provide the back up documentation and pay more for a special policy.

Another instance where you may need a modified car insurance policy is when you add another driver under your car insurance.  You want to ensure that they are properly covered so that if an accident occurs you are covered for the replacement cost of your car, and not the value of the car at the time of the accident, which will be a lower value.

Of course, if the person driving your car is injured, you want to ensure that they will be fully covered for any medical treatments that they may require or rehabilitation sessions, or even lost wages from time away from work.

If you are adding a teenager into a modified car insurance policy, be certain that this will not cause your premiums to go up.  Most often, your own driving experience and lack of claims will be enough to ensure that your teenager will not cause your rates to increase to much.

You will not know the answers to your questions unless you ask, so jot down a specific list of things you want to ask your insurer about.  Make certain that you are getting the coverage that you require.

Most insurance agents are not going to offer up the information specific to modified car insurance so you will need to ask about the coverage and if you should expect to pay a new or higher rate.

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3 Responses to “What Is Modified Car Insurance.”

  1. Al says:

    I guess this is good advice especially for younger drivers most of whom like to trick out their rides with expensive rims and state of the art sound systems. I have even seen people post videos online on You Tube to show others how they have customized their car. Many owners of Czion owners like to customize their cars because it is a cultural thing or a hobby for them. So I guess it would be good to document it so you can get as much value for your car when you decide to sell it.

  2. Ollie says:

    So if you are adding a teenager to your policy and your record is clean then it won’t raise your rates? What about if you are adding a twenty one year old is it the same situation? The kind of modifications you are talking about are things they would do to change the body style and interiors like stereos and such right not just because you put some new rims on it?

  3. Janene says:

    The best piece of advice provided in this article, besides teaching about the principle of modified auto insurance itself, is the advice to scan your documents and receipts and then store them on a cloud server. And this can be as simple and cheap 9as in free) as emailing your scanned documents to your Gmail address. This relieves you of the burden of paying for a safe deposit box or from being destroyed by a natural disaster.

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